COBRA Support

Alpine COBRA Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does my COBRA insurance cost?

It varies for everyone depending on what coverage(s) you choose. But one thing to know is that the rates are determined by adding what you were paying as an active employee + the portion your employer was paying for your coverage as an active employee + a 2% administration fee.

What will COBRA cover? What’s the coverage like?

The coverage you are offered through COBRA is actually the same coverage you’ve been on as an active employee. COBRA is simply the law that allows you to continue this coverage. The only thing that changes is how much you are paying for the coverage.

I signed up for ACH premium payments, when will I see it drafted from my account?

If you just enrolled in COBRA coverage, your first premium payment should be drafted the Monday after you complete your enrollment.

We will process recurring premium payment drafts around the 10th of every month.

I would like to send a check to pay my premium, who do I make it out to?

Please make checks payable to: Alpine COBRA Services

I would like to send a check to pay my premium, where do I send it to?

Please send check payments to:
2817 West End Ave STE 126-281
Nashville, TN 37203

How do I cancel my COBRA coverage?

If you’d like to cancel your coverage, please fill out this contact form.

When will my COBRA coverage start?

Your COBRA coverage starts the day after your coverage as an active employee ends. For example, if your coverage as an active employee ends on March 31st, your first day of COBRA coverage would be April 1st.

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